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Screening docking station
  • Screening docking station
Screening docking station
It is generally installed at the rear end of the detection equipment. When the detection machine sends ng signal, the board will automatically rise to the middle for temporary storage. If there is no ng signal, the board will be directly sent to the board; When ng is full, the machine will automatically alarm; To be cleared manually; OK board temporary storage (when the rear position machine does not need PCB board) and through function.



Product features:

· External structure: the sheet metal structure and the aluminum profile are put into the frame, and the surface is sprayed with white ripple.

· Microcomputer PLC control system, stable and reliable.

· Touch screen display operation, with automatic fault diagnosis function, convenient man-machine dialogue.

· Multiple sound and light and prompt alarm functions in the touch screen.

· It is transmitted by a stepping motor,

· The OK board can store 10 pcs by rising with the ng board,

· It can be used behind AOI and SPI equipment,

· Double line numbers distinguish ng \ OK

Model number


Overall dimensions

(L)1000x(W)800x(H)900 20/-20mm

PCB board size


PCB adaptive thickness


PCB board supply height

900 50 / - 20mm, foot cup height adjustment

PCB board transfer direction

Left right or right left

PCB conveying track

Use special guide rail and imported circular φ 3mm belt

Transmission motor

15W speed regulating motor (1 set)

Control system

Panasonic PLC

touch screen

Full color display control sa4.3a

Spacing distance

The maximum spacing of each layer is 10mm

Storage ng, storage plate quantity

5-10 pieces

Lifting motor

Zhongda 45W brake motor

In place detection photoelectric

HuLong photoelectric switch

Power source

AC220V / 50-60Hz (controlled by independent electric box)

Frame material:

All sheet metal welding, the surface adopts electrostatic powder spraying computer white

Standard signal

Standard 6-core signal wire is adopted, which can be directly connected with other equipment


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