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AGV trolley
  • AGV trolley
AGV trolley
AGV unmanned automatic handling reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency for enterprises.





Body size (L * w * h mm) 1060*826*1250mm 1060*826*1250mm
Body weight (kg) one hundred and seventy-five two hundred and fifty
Working speed (M / s) 0.01-2m/s 0.01-1m/s
Rated load (kg) one hundred and fifty one hundred
Turning radius (mm) 0 0
Navigation mode Laser slam
Turning radius (mm) 1060*826*1250mm 1060*826*1250mm
Climbing capacity (mm) 5°/ 8% 5°/ 8%
Station positioning accuracy (mm) ± 10/± zero point five ± 10/± one point five
Endurance time 10h 8h
Charging mode Automatic (manual)

Automatic (manual)

Charging time (H) 1.5h 1.5h
Battery life 2000 times 2000 times
Battery capacity 48V20AH 48V20AH
Alarm mode: Sound indicator
Obstacle avoidance mode Front laser rear ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, infrared obstacle avoidance safety anti-collision strip


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