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Contact: Mr. Deng
Mobile: 13828856790
E-mail: yhsmart@smt-juki.net
website: http://www.smt-juki.net
Address: 2nd floor, building C, Feiteng Industrial Park, No. 8, Huanzhen Road, Dabao Industrial Zone, bogang community, Shajing street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

We have a strong team and professional technicians. It has a rich knowledge field, master professional technology, and have the ability to quickly eliminate equipment faults. Its technical innovation ability will lay a solid foundation for improving itself.

1、 The ability to discover equipment abnormalities

It may have a fault, and "will produce defective products", etc. it is the "ability of abnormal discovery" sung by the system to judge the cause.

2、 Ability to take correct measures

The measures that can restore the original state after the abnormality is found shall be reported according to the abnormal state, and the security department shall be notified for handling.

3、 Double judgment benchmark, quantitative ability

It is not the specified quantitative benchmark of "below XX" of feeling or experience.

4、 Ability to correctly comply with specified items

The ability to correctly comply with various benchmarks, and to re review and re benchmark when they cannot.

Team characteristics: thinking, initiative and cooperation.


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