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BiHuiIt has become a synonym for JUKI / Fuji electrical equipment maintenance. "Find Bihui for JUKI / Fuji circuit board maintenance" is your correct choice!

Sales and maintenance of all relevant accessories of Bihui SMT Mounter, professional sales and maintenance of JUKI / NXT l ll LLL OEM head, CPU box, servo box, control box, display, track card, laser, motor, camera, etc. the existing JUKI / NXT equipment is tested and shipped, and spare parts are provided for replacement and repair. It is our eternal pursuit to save costs, improve efficiency and provide high-quality professional services for the manufacturer Parts sales and maintenance prices are the best in the industry!
JUKI / Fuji circuit board and control box maintenance is one of our main businesses, with the following advantages:

1. Rich maintenance experience
Shenzhen Bihui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company to repair JUKI / Fuji circuit boards in the mainland. The company has complete maintenance supporting equipment. It has not only invested millions of yuan to purchase advanced testing and maintenance equipment and instruments from abroad, but also has a group of engineers with several years of maintenance experience. They are proficient in the mechanical structure and electrical principles of various types of JUKI / Fuji equipment, and have profound maintenance experience in the field of JUKI / Fuji circuit board maintenance. (such as: MCM board, ip-x3 board, I / O control board, base-feeder board, XMP board, img-p board, carry board, working head, control box, etc.).

2. Professional and perfect
Our company is equipped with various advanced detection equipment, including hn2000dx on-line fault tester, which can detect the quality of IC and identify the IC model without removing the IC from the board. It can also measure analog IC and extract V / I curve. It is equipped with all-11p Ⅱ, all-110, rf1800, rf2148 and lab-48 programmers to detect the quality of logic IC, and realize software downloading, programming, copying, encryption Etc. Equipped with ts-2012 color dual integrated storage oscilloscope ca1640-20 function signal generator. Gps2303 intelligent power supply provides quantitative parameters for circuit board maintenance and detection. (in order to further guarantee the maintenance quality, the company spent a large amount of money to purchase JUKI FX-3, JUKI RS-1, JUKI ke-3020 and Fuji NXT II III equipment, carry out the installation test on the maintenance items, and ship them to the customer after the test is OK).

3. Short delivery cycle
In terms of the maintenance of JUKI / Fuji circuit boards and control boxes, the company will deliver the goods within 2 working days after receiving the goods in the Pearl River Delta region and within 4 working days in the Yangtze River Delta region.

4. Best price
The maintenance price is excellent and cost-effective. In order to thank the new and old customers for their long-term support and help to the company, this year we will carry out the largest profit concession activities, so that you can get the greatest benefits! Welcome to inquire and look forward to cooperating with you sincerely!




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