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Fax: 0755-23571206
Contact: Mr. Deng
Mobile: 13828856790
E-mail: yhsmart@smt-juki.net
website: http://www.smt-juki.net
Address: 2nd floor, building C, Feiteng Industrial Park, No. 8, Huanzhen Road, Dabao Industrial Zone, bogang community, Shajing street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Bihui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a supplier of SMT whole line equipment. The main business is the sales, leasing, recycling and maintenance services of JUKI / Fuji / Panasonic / Yamaha mounter and peripheral equipment, such as mounter, solder paste printer, SPI, AOI, reflow soldering, laser navigation AGV vehicle, upper and lower plate machine, X-ray, dispensing machine, automatic feeding machine and first article tester!

BihuiAt the same time, we also provide sales and maintenance services for SMT Mounter related accessories. Professional sales and maintenance of JUKI / NXTL ll LLL OEM heads, CPU boxes, servo boxes, control boxes, displays, track cards, lasers, motors, cameras, etc. the existing JUKI / NXT equipment is tested and shipped, and spare parts are provided for replacement and repair. It is our eternal pursuit to save costs, improve efficiency and provide high-quality professional services for manufacturers Parts sales and maintenance prices are the best in the industry!
After years of hard work since its establishment, the company has become a benchmark enterprise in the SMT equipment industry with its sensitivity to the market and pioneering spirit. The company always regards quality as life, and takes the business principle of "reputation first, quality first" to "meet the reasonable requirements of customers and make customers satisfied"BihuiMechanical and electrical service tenet.

BihuiThe company closely follows the progress and development of SMT equipment maintenance technology, constantly plans to strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, actively explores and takes innovation as the driving force to realize the high-speed development of the enterprise, regards the establishment of brand enterprises and the provision of high-quality services as the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise, and strives to become a first-class enterprise in the sales, leasing, maintenance and repair of SMT Mounter and surrounding supporting equipment.

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