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Double rail docking station
  • Double rail docking station
Double rail docking station
Technical parameters of LJ double rail series connection platform: 1. The width of precision screw rod is adjusted to ensure that the transportation guide rails are parallel to each other; 2. Professional wear-resistant and anti-static flat belt and special thickened aluminum profile guide rail are used to ensure smooth connection; the guide rail is unchanged and the transportation is stable; 3. The standard signal line is equipped, which can be connected with other equipment online; 4. The connection platform with different guide rail lengths can be made according to customer requirements; 5. The anti-static rubber is equipped to better prevent static electricity; 6 The transmission motor is an adjustable 4248 long stepping motor 7. The photoelectric switch is Hufeng round photoelectric, which is durable 8. The flat belt transmission wheel is driven by double bearings, which is stable and does not damage the belt 9. The two ends of the connecting platform guide rail are processed into an octagonal shaped PCB, so that the PCB can enter and exit the connecting platform smoothly without shaking 10. The adjusting width is controlled by two groups of screw rods 11 and two rails independently, which is convenient for operation



technical parameterTechnical parameters



LJ series docking station LJ series

Overall dimensions

L1150× W600× H905mm

PCB board width

50-300mm for double track and 50-550mm for single track

Transport height

900± 50mm

PCB transport direction


PCB conveyor speed


Power Supply

AC220V 1P 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Track length


control mode

Card control

Worktop (pasted with electrostatic rubber)

450× 200mm double side worktop


About 60kg

communication interface

Two wire and four wire cables are used


1. 4 is fixed side, 2 and 3 are movable side (customizable)

Transfer motor

Xinyu 42 * 48 stepping motor

Photoelectric switch

HuLong 18mmnpn

Conveyor belt

3.8mm flat belt

Width adjustment mode

High precision screw rod adjustment

Control board

Special independent research and development (dual track independent control)

Foot cup

4 M16 & times; 120mm


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