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Contact: Mr. Deng
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E-mail: yhsmart@smt-juki.net
website: http://www.smt-juki.net
Address: 2nd floor, building C, Feiteng Industrial Park, No. 8, Huanzhen Road, Dabao Industrial Zone, bogang community, Shajing street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Bihui Electronic Technology Co., LtdAdhering to the market operation concept of "honest operation, quality marketing and striving for win-win", the correct operation idea has brought good economic benefits to the company and laid a good foundation for network marketing. Adhering to the pragmatic and enterprising spirit, our company strives to create a service brand within the enterprise and looks forward to sharing a brilliant future with the vast number of users!
Supply quality commitment
1. The second-hand patch machines we supply are packed and shipped in strict accordance with the contract, ensuring that the goods are shipped in accordance with the time agreed in the contract, and the three guarantees of quality are implemented in accordance with the contract.
2. The original parts warranty certificate provided by our company is authentic, and the commonly used original parts (except orders) can be returned unconditionally.
3. The maintenance of the motor, laser, card and other main parts of the mounter is guaranteed for one year.
After sales service commitment of the whole machine
1. The company is equipped with a complete JUKI patch machine customer service team to provide comprehensive after-sales service and solve all the worries of customers.
2. There are three guarantees for the quality of the whole machine. It belongs to the product quality problem. During the warranty period, it is guaranteed to repair, replace and return, and provide accessories for customers.
3. If the customer has quality problems during use, he / she shall arrive within 24 hours in Guangdong Province after receiving the written service requirements from the customer. If on-site service is required, he / she shall arrive at the service site within 2 days beyond 200 km.
4. It can be used for guidance and regular return visit.
Shenzhen Bihui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with the following services:
*Three guarantees of service: guaranteed quality, guaranteed time and guaranteed quantity
*Service tenet: strong strength, high-quality supply, cost-effective price, and excellent service.
*Solemnly promise: to guarantee good products, excellent quality, affordable prices and perfect services to thank new and old customers for their trust.
*The company is responsible for the overall quality tracking of the products sold, so as to eliminate your worries.


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