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GKg D5 automatic high speed dispensing machine
  • GKg D5 automatic high speed dispensing machine
  • GKg D5 automatic high speed dispensing machine
GKg D5 automatic high speed dispensing machine
D series dispensing machine has super cutting design, which is suitable for seed answering production environment and has obvious advantages of high cost performance. Comprehensive configuration can meet the dispensing requirements of different substrates and substrates. Non contact injection valve is adopted to ensure the uniformity of dispensing, improve production capacity and save material loss. Combined with various dispensing technologies, customized personalized solutions for customers.






Track range XY50*50~350*350mm
Dispensing range Monorail Double track (optional)
Single valve direct injection 350*550*40mm Single valve direct injection 350*250*40mm
Double valve synchronization 255*550*40mm Double valve synchronization 255*250*40mm
Double valve asynchronous 225*550*40mm Double valve asynchronous 225*250*40mm
Rotational tilt 230*490*25mm Rotational tilt 230*220*25mm
Effective stroke of X / Y / Z axis X:400mm  Y:860mm Z:45mm
Size of waiting level 220*550mm
thickness 0.6~8mm
Transmission height 900± 30mm
Transmission direction L-R / R-L (left right / right left)
Product weight: ≤3KG
Track slab edge distance 4mm± 1mm
Track passing height 50mm above and 25mm below
camera Dahua 130W
vision system Visual positioning system CCD
X / Y / Z repeat positioning accuracy Soil 15um@4si gma (CPK≥1.33)
positioning accuracy Soil 30um@4si gma (CPK≥1.33)
Overall dimension of machine (L * w * h) 770*1400*1480mm
Machine weight About 950kg


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