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  • NXT II
  • NXT II
Modular high-speed multi-functional Mounter with high productivity and flexibility, circuit board height detection function, automatic detection of circuit board warpage, and component assembly in coordination with circuit board height, which can realize component assembly under low impact conditions.




Modular high-speed multifunctional Mounter with high productivity and flexibility
Circuit board height detection function
Automatically detect the warpage of the circuit board, and carry out the component installation in accordance with the height of the circuit board, which can realize the component installation under low impact conditions

Special suction nozzle & mechanical chuck
For components that are difficult to correspond to standard suction nozzles, stable mounting can be realized by using special suction nozzles or mechanical chucks
Universal mechanical chuck
The claw of the clamping element and the claw block of the holding element are provided with a variety of sizes, and can be produced in a variety of combinations. The claw and the claw block can be changed in the installation position and replaced with different sizes
Circuit board support
Soft support pin
It can mitigate the impact on the circuit board during mounting, and can support the circuit board with difficulty in pin support, so it can strongly support high-density mounting
Automatic support pin
It can be set at any position, or it can automatically confirm and correct the position, so the line change time can be greatly shortened
Import Fuji Trax to strongly support the mounting process
Prevent wrong feeding of components
Use the element residue management function to display the material exhaustion notice
Display feeder maintenance notice
During the operation of the machine, the secondary material station can be installed on the empty material chute
Non stop supply function of tray element
Obtain traceability data of circuit board


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