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Ais40x series 2D optical inspection equipment
  • Ais40x series 2D optical inspection equipment
Ais40x series 2D optical inspection equipment
On line PCBA patch 2D optical inspection equipment detects patch elements and solder defects



Core advantages
· Bilateral telecentric lens, low distortion, high depth of field
· Simplified programming process, simple interface, support one click batch parameter modification
· Centralized control and interconnection of multiple devices
· High detection rate and low false alarm rate
· Various configurations meet different detection requirements
· Data traceability, support SPC alarm
category project AIS400 AIS401 Ais400-d (three track adjustable)/
Ais401-d (four track adjustable)
PCBA specification size 50*50mm~510*460mm 50*50mm~510*460mm
(large plate mode
Left to right 730 * 460mm
Right to left 640 * 460mm)
Monorail 50 * 50mm ~ 510 * 610mm
Double track 50 * 50mm ~ 510 * 330mm
(the distance between the two tracks in the middle is at least 55mm)
(monorail large plate mode 630 * 610mm)
thickness 0.5mm-6mm
Element height Top surface: 25mm bottom surface: 80mm Top surface: 25mm bottom surface: 80mm Top surface: 25mm bottom surface: 30mm
Process edge 3mm
Optical specifications camera 5MP color area array high-speed industrial camera (standard configuration); 12MP color array high speed industrial camera
light source RGB w four color integral light source
FOV 5MP: 15um@36 *30mm (standard), 10um@24 *20mm; 12MP: 15um@45 *45mm, 10um@40 *30mm
resolving power 15um (standard) or 10um
Detection correlation Component detection Missing parts, multiple parts, overturn, reverse, offset, damage, skew, foreign matter, stain, etc
Solder inspection More tin, less tin, pointed, continuous tin, empty soldering, false soldering, tin hole, etc
Other functions 1D / 2D code recognition / character recognition, etc
Mixed plate test Mixed board production, support automatic program call
algorithm Deep neural network algorithm, color contrast, contour recognition, offset detection, template matching, character contrast, OCR, etc
speed 0.23sec/FOV
software system operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit
function Remote control, remote assistance, CAD file import, custom model training
Communication mode Standard SMEMA interface
data output Automatic generation of statistical analysis (SPC)
Features: Automatic component search and one key programming
Hardware specification Industrial control host CPU: Intel i5 graphics card: NVIDIA independent GPU acceleration card
Storage: 32g DDR, 240g SSD 2T mechanical hard disk network: 1000m wired network card
monitor 22 inch FHD display 23.8 inch FHD display 23.8 inch FHD display
Motion mechanism High precision screw servo motor
Track width adjustment Manual / automatic
Appearance / electrical Box size and weight (L*H*W)1010*1500*1100mm
Net weight: 790kg
Net weight: 750KG
Net weight: 790k
Power supply and power AC 220V, rated power 380W AC220V, rated power 410W
Air source 0.4-0.7Mpa
work environment Temperature: 10 ~ 45 ℃, humidity: 30 ~ 85% RH



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