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Jintuo reflow welding
  • Jintuo reflow welding
Jintuo reflow welding
Jtr series of lead-free hot air reflow welding machine features: multi-layer insulation furnace design, the surface temperature of the furnace shell is reduced by 10 to 20 degrees, and the working environment temperature is effectively reduced. The improvement of 15% heat transfer efficiency calmly meets the lead-free process requirements of more complex and large welding products. Strengthen the main boom to ensure that the guide rail is free of transverse deformation, and prevent the occurrence of jamming and plate dropping. The furnace adopts a fully protected closed design, which effectively protects the nitrogen from loss, and the oxygen content can be as low as 150ppm. The nitrogen consumption is low, only 20-22m3 / h under the environment of 300-800ppm oxygen concentration. 95% of the materials on the machine can be recycled. The new cooling structure design makes most of the waste gas return to the furnace after filtration or recovery, reducing the heat loss and making the flux recovery more thorough. The double guide rail structure effectively improves the production efficiency and saves energy consumption and production cost. The surface temperature of the working furnace body is low and the heat loss is extremely small.




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